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Zibar Tomšić, Karin and Dušek, Tina and Kraljević, Ivana and Heinrich, Zdravko and Solak, Mirsala and Vučinović, Ana and Ozretić, David and Mihailović Marasanov, Sergej and Hršak, Hrvoje and Kaštelan, Darko (2017) Hypopituitarism after gamma knife radiosurgery for pituitary adenoma. Endocrine Research, 42 (4). pp. 318-24. ISSN 0743-5800

Novak, Anela and Kaštelan, Darko (2017) Klinički pristup ginekomastiji [Clinical evaluation of gynecomastia]. Liječnički vjesnik, 139 (3-4). pp. 75-81. ISSN 0024-3477

Mišir Krpan, Ana and Dušek, Tina and Rakušić, Zoran and Solak, Mirsala and Kraljevic, Ivana and Bišof, Vesna and Ozretić, David and Kaštelan, Darko (2017) A rapid biochemical and radiological response to the concomitant therapy with temozolomide and radiotherapy in an aggressive ACTH pituitary adenoma. Case Reports in Endocrinology, 2017. p. 2419590. ISSN 2090-6501

Reimondo, Giuseppe and Chiodini, Iacopo and Puglisi, Soraya and Pia, Anna and Morelli, Valentina and Kaštelan, Darko and Cannavo, Salvatore and Berchialla, Paola and Giachino, Daniela and Perotti, Paola and Cuccurullo, Alessandra and Paccotti, Piero and Beck-Peccoz, Paolo and De Marchi, Mario and Terzolo, Massimo (2016) Analysis of BclI, N363S and ER22/23EK polymorphisms of the glucocorticoid receptor gene in adrenal incidentalomas. PLoS ONE, 11 (9). e0162437. ISSN 1932-6203

Dušek, Tina and Melada, Ante and Paladino, Josip and Kaštelan, Darko (2012) Transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenoma: indications and outcomes. Croatian Medical Journal, 53 (6). pp. 639-641. ISSN 0353-9504

Kaštelan, Darko and Dušek, Tina and Vizner, Branka and Gnjidić, Živko and Crnčević Orlić, Željka and Kušec, Vesna and Heinrich, Zdravko and Vrkljan, Milan and Koršić, Mirko (2012) Smjernice Hrvatskoga endokrinološkog društva za dijagnostiku i liječenje akromegalije [Croatian Society of Endocrinology guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acromegaly]. Liječnički vjesnik, 134 (3-4). pp. 65-68. ISSN 0024-3477

Kuliš, Tomislav and Knežević, Nikola and Pekez, Marijeta and Kaštelan, Darko and Grković, Marija and Kaštelan, Željko (2012) Laparoscopic adrenalectomy: lessons learned from 306 cases. Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques, 22 (1). pp. 22-26. ISSN 1092-6429

Kaštelan, Darko and Džubur, Fedja and Dušek, Tina and Poljičanin, Tamara and Crnčević-Orlić, Željka and Kraljević, Ivana and Solak, Mirsala and Benčević, Tanja and Aganović, Izet and Knežević, Nikola and Kaštelan, Željko and Koršić, Mirko (2011) Health-related quality of life and fatigue in patients with adrenal incidentaloma. Endocrine, 40 (1). pp. 84-89. ISSN 1355-008X

Kaštelan, Darko and Vlak, Tonko and Lozo, Petar and Gradišer, Marina and Mijić, Šime and Nikolić, Tatjana and Miškić, Blaženka and Car, Dolores and Tajsić, Gordana and Dušek, Tina and Jajić, Zrinka and Grubišić, Frane and Poljičanin, Tamara and Bakula, Miro and Džubur, Fedja and Strižak-Ujević, Matilda and Kadojić, Mira and Radman, Maja and Vugrinec, Maja and Kušter, Željka and Pekez, Marijeta and Radović, Endi and Labar, Ljubica and Crnčević-Orlić, Željka and Koršić, Mirko (2010) Health-related quality of life among patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis treated with weekly and monthly bisphosphonates. Endocrine Research, 35 (4). pp. 165-173. ISSN 0743-5800

Kaštelan, Darko and Dušek, Tina and Kraljević, Ivana and Polašek, Ozren and Giljević, Zlatko and Solak, Mirsala and Zupančić Šalek, Silva and Jelčić, Jozo and Aganović, Izet and Koršić, Mirko (2009) Hypercoagulability in Cushing's syndrome: the role of specific haemostatic and fibrinolytic markers. Endocrine, 36 (1). pp. 70-4. ISSN 1355-008X

Kaštelan, Darko and Kraljević, Ivana and Kardum, Iva and Kasović, Mario and Dušek, Tina and Mazalin Protulipac, Josipa and Giljević, Zlatko and Perković, Zdravko and Jelčić, Jozo and Aganović, Izet and Koršić, Mirko (2007) The effects of the level of physical activity on calcaneal ultrasound measurements: bone properties of medical and physical education students. Collegium Antropologicum, 31 (3). pp. 701-704. ISSN 0350-6134

Kaštelan, Darko and Dušek, Tina and Kraljević, Ivana and Polašek, Ozren and Perković, Zdravko and Kardum, Iva and Giljević, Zlatko and Jelčić, Jozo and Aganović, Izet and Koršić, Mirko (2007) Bone properties in patients with acromegaly: quantitative ultrasound of the heel. Journal of Clinical Densitometry, 10 (3). pp. 327-331. ISSN 1094-6950

Turk, Nikša and Kaštelan, Darko and Čuković-Čavka, Silvija and Kraljević, Ivana and Koršić, Mirko and Vucelić, Boris (2007) Discriminatory ability of calcaneal quantitative ultrasound in the assessment of bone status in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, 33 (6). pp. 863-869. ISSN 0301-5629

Kaštelan, Darko and Koršić, Mirko (2007) High prevalence rate of pituitary incidentaloma: is it associated with the age-related decline of the sex hormones levels? Medical Hypotheses, 69 (2). pp. 307-309. ISSN 0306-9877

Kaštelan, Darko and Kaštelan, Marija and Prpić Massari, Lara and Koršić, Mirko (2006) Possible association of psoriasis and reduced bone mineral density due to increased TNF-alpha and IL-6 concentrations. Medical Hypotheses, 67 (6). pp. 1403-1405. ISSN 0306-9877

Kaštelan, Darko and Giljević, Zlatko and Kraljević, Ivana and Koršić, Mirko (2006) Selective estrogen receptor modulators: a possible new treatment of osteoporosis in males. Medical Hypotheses, 67 (5). pp. 1052-1053. ISSN 0306-9877

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