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Zelić, Marko and Vranešić Bender, Darija and Ljubas Kelečić, Dina and Župan, Željko and Cicvarić, Tedi and Maldini, Branka and Durut, Iva and Rahelić, Velimir and Škegro, Mate and Majerović, Mate and Perko, Zdravko and Šustić, Alan and Madžar, Tomislav and Kovačić, Borna and Kekez, Tihomir and Krznarić, Željko (2014) Hrvatske smjernice za perioperativnu enteralnu prehranu kirurških bolesnika [Croatian guidelines for perioperative enteral nutrition of surgical patients]. Liječnički vjesnik, 136 (7-8). pp. 179-85. ISSN 0024-3477

Augustin, Goran and Majerović, Mate and Luetić, Tomislav (2013) Uterine perforation as a complication of surgical abortion causing small bowel obstruction: a review. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 288 (2). pp. 311-23. ISSN 0932-0067

Augustin, Goran and Matošević, Petar and Majerović, Mate (2013) 'The lasso technique' - a simple intracorporeal two-port laparoscopic appendectomy: technical considerations and review of four other intracorporeal two-port techniques. Hepatogastroenterology, 60 (125). pp. 1058-62. ISSN 0172-6390

Majerović, Mate and Milinović, Darko and Orešković, Slavko and Matošević, Petar and Mirić, Mirjana and Kekez, Tihomir and Kinda, Emil and Augustin, Goran and Silovski, Hrvoje (2011) Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) and cytoreductive surgery (CS) as treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis: preliminary results in Croatia. Collegium Antropologicum, 35 (4). pp. 1349-52. ISSN 0350-6134

Majerović, Mate and Augustin, Goran and Jelinčić, Željko and Buković, Damir and Burcar, Ivan and Smuđ, Dubravko and Kekez, Tihomir and Kinda, Emil and Matošević, Petar and Turčić, Josip (2008) Endomedullary radiofrequency ablation of metastatic lesion of the right femur 5 years after primary breast carcinoma: a case report. Collegium antropologicum, 32 (4). pp. 1267-1269. ISSN 0350-6134 (Print)

Majerović, Mate and Augustin, Goran and Jelinčić, Željko and Buković, Damir and Kekez, Tihomir and Matošević, Petar and Smuđ, Dubravko and Kinda, Emil and Golem, Ante Zvonimir (2008) Radiofrequency ablation as locoregional therapy for unresectable hepatic malignancies: initial results in 24 patients with 5-years follow-up. Collegium antropologicum, 32 (3). pp. 703-707. ISSN 0350-6134 (Print)

Silovski, Hrvoje and Buković, Damir and Silovski, Tajana and Jelinčić, Željko and Majerović, Mate and Malojčić, Branko (2008) Analysis of colon cancer features in Croatia. Collegium antropologicum, 32 (1). pp. 177-186. ISSN 0350-6134 (Print)

Kekez, Tihomir and Augustin, Goran and Hrstić, Irena and Smuđ, Dubravko and Majerović, Mate and Jelinčić, Željko and Kinda, Emil (2008) Colonic duplication in an adult who presented with chronic constipation attributed to hypothyroidism. World journal of gastroenterology, 14 (4). pp. 644-646. ISSN 1007-9327

Mihaljević, Ljiljana and Bedenić, Branka and Mihaljević, Slobodan and Majerović, Mate and Petrović, Pavo and Vasilj, Ivan (2007) Microbiological surveillance of the surgical intensive care unit in Zagreb: a pivot for guideline-based therapy of severe sepsis. Collegium antropologicum, 31 (4). pp. 1093-1097. ISSN 0350-6134 (Print)

Smuđ, Dubravko and Augustin, Goran and Kekez, Tihomir and Kinda, Emil and Majerović, Mate and Jelinčić, Željko (2007) Gardner's syndrome: genetic testing and colonoscopy are indicated in adolescents and young adults with cranial osteomas: A case report. World journal of gastroenterology, 13 (28). pp. 3900-3903. ISSN 1007-9327

Kekez, Tihomir and Bulić, Krešimir and Smuđ, Dubravko and Majerović, Mate (2007) Is stapled hemorrhoidopexy safe for the male homosexual patient? Report of a case. Surgery Today, 37 (4). pp. 335-337. ISSN 0941-1291 (Print) 1436-2813 (Electronic)

Augustin, Goran and Jelinčić, Željko and Majerović, Mate and Štefančić, Ljiljana (2007) Carcinoma of left colon presenting as mechanical obstruction in a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta type III. Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease, 30 (1). pp. 109-110. ISSN 0141-8955 (Print) 1573-2665 (Electronic)

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