Personalized medicine - where do we stand? Pouring some water into wine: a realistic perspective

Gundert-Remy, Ursula and Dimovski, Aleksandar and Gajović, Srećko (2012) Personalized medicine - where do we stand? Pouring some water into wine: a realistic perspective. Croatian Medical Journal, 53 (4). pp. 314-20. ISSN 0353-9504

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Reviewing the past and the present status of personalized medicine, the hope and promise from several years ago was critically compared to what is really achieved to tailor the drug treatment according to the patient's individuality. The basis for consideration is what we know about the variant of the disease the patient is suffering from, and about the mechanisms influencing the plasma concentration-time profile, such as activity of metabolizing enzymes and transporters. In cancer treatment, drugs are currently selected regarding molecular properties of the cancer tissue, eg, expressing receptors such as HER2 receptor. Currently diagnostic tests are available allowing to detect somatic cell mutations that can be used to guide drug selection. Unfortunately, tumor heterogeneity and developing resistance by further mutations may limit the success of the therapy determined by molecular diagnostics. The present status can be described that in drug kinetics we know the influencing factors and we understand the mechanisms. However, only in a few cases the genetic background is the main determinant of kinetic variability, and environmental and other factors have an additional important role. Therefore, much more has to be done before we can translate the accumulating knowledge into a benefit for the patient. Only then, we can speak about personalized medicine.

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Gundert-Remy, UrsulaUNSPECIFIED
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Date: August 2012
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